Why Miss Utility?

Miss Utility was designed by a city woman who spent a lot of time in public transportation daydreaming. A purse with every single need of a working woman in mind was one of those dreams.

The Miss Utility Purse has compartments that are designed to find everything FAST. When you are in a big city and need to get your bus pass out or pay with your credit card, and there is a crowd circling around you, you don't have time to rummage through your bag for your wallet then rummage for the card in your wallet!

When you are in an unfortunate situation that requires a mace spray, you don't have time to sit and remember where you last put it. This vertically stacked purse allows for the hand and eye to access your tools in an emergency! 

When you come home from a long day of work (or party) and it is dark, you don't have time to stand around your door and search for your keys while the bad guys have more time to approach you or identify you and where you live! You need to get that out as fast as possible to get inside your home safely!




You need a purse that has cross body straps so you don't make it easier for thieves to snatch your purse! The straps are also adjustable so that you can wear it as a shoulder strap when you feel like you are in a safe neighbourhood.

You need a pen compartment that is safe from ink bleeding onto your other precious belongings! You need to always have a pen handy because you don't want to use the communal one at the office and risk getting germs! It's also a great place to store your eyeliner and other makeup!

You need a compartment for lipstick of course! Those lids can come off quite easily and smear all over your purse. It has happened to me twice! Never again.

Oh, and you need a purse that is EASY to wash off most stains! 

Oh and oh, You need to save time and be organized.