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This purse offers unique organization to find personal items instantly like no other bag before! The sturdy dividers and great design were made possible with 3D printing technology.


★ Built in wallet. Three spacious solid compartments, eight card holders and one "secret" compartment that slides out from the side! Store and organize your essentials and more! 

★ Fits most smartphones. The smartphone compartment measures 6.5” x 1.14” x 3.125”.

★ See it in action at

★ Adjustable strap that goes as long as 45 inches. Wear it as a crossbody purse or just on a single shoulder.

★ The actual purse is 8" x 4.625" x 5.5"

★ Weight is 1 pound 6.875 ounces (650 grams)

★ Strap is made from black canvas that is hand sewn.

★ Obviously doesn't come with the contents of the purse as shown in the pictures.

★ Eco-Friendly. The purse itself is made from PLA, a renewable thermoplastic and a polymer. It is processed from the starch of plants such as corn, sugar cane and sugar beet.

★ Ethically made. I sew the straps and assemble the purse myself while listening to relaxing music.

Traditional purses pile up your things on top of each other causing clutter and disorganization, this innovative purse stacks your items sideways so you see everything clearly.

*** NOTE ***

This is made to order by hand, so your order won't look exactly like this even though I will try my very best.

Use one finger, *not two*, to pull out smartphone by pushing it from side walls of the elongated pocket.